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Instrument Operations: Air Safety Considerations During IFR

By: N/A

Price: $6.41

Publisher: Belvoir Books: 1991

Seller ID: Z1879620057Z2

ISBN: 1879620057

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Very Good

Moon Shot: The Inside Story of America's Race to the Moon

By: Alan Shepard; Deke Slayton; Jay Barbree; Howard Benedict

Price: $4.59

Publisher: Turner Publishing: 1994

Seller ID: Z1878685546Z4

ISBN: 1878685546

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Fair

Entering Space: An Astronaut's Odyssey

By: Allen, Joseph P.

Price: $5.48

Publisher: Stewart, Tabori and Chang: 1985

Seller ID: Z0941434761Z4

ISBN: 0941434761

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Fair

Water Jump: The Story of Transatlantic Flight

By: Beaty, David

Price: $4.95

Publisher: HarperCollins: 1977

Seller ID: Z0060102969Z4

ISBN: 0060102969

Condition: Fair

Skunk Works: A Personal Memoir of My Years at Lockheed

By: Ben R. Rich

Price: $13.97

Publisher: Back Bay Books: 1996

Seller ID: Z0316743003Z3

ISBN: 0316743003


Condition: Good

Anyone Can Fly

By: Bergman, Jules

Price: $5.46

Publisher: Doubleday: 1986

Seller ID: Z0385192983Z3

ISBN: 0385192983

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Good

Image for The Flying Book: Everything You've Ever Wondered About Flying On Airplanes

The Flying Book: Everything You've Ever Wondered About Flying On Airplanes

By: Blatner, David

Price: $19.50

Publisher: Walker Books: 2004

Seller ID: Z0802713785ZN

ISBN: 0802713785

Condition: New

Heroes of the Horizon: Flying Adventures of Alaska

By: Bruder, Gerry

Price: $5.23

Publisher: Alaska Northwest Books: 2007

Seller ID: Z088240363XZ2

ISBN: 088240363X


Condition: Very Good

The National Air and Space Museum

By: Bryan, C. D. B

Price: $16.93

Publisher: H. N. Abrams: 1979

Seller ID: Z081090666XZN

ISBN: 081090666X

Condition: New

Man on the Moon Vol. 2 : The Odyssey Continues

By: Chaikin, Andrew

Price: $13.29

Publisher: Time Life Education: 1999

Seller ID: Z0783556764ZN

ISBN: 0783556764

Condition: New

The Carrier War (Epic of Flight)

By: Clark G. Reynolds

Price: $4.80

Publisher: Time-Life Books, Inc.: 1982

Seller ID: Z0809433044Z2

ISBN: 0809433044

Condition: Very Good

The Carrier War (Epic of Flight)

By: Clark G. Reynolds

Price: $4.65

Publisher: Time-Life Books, Inc.: 1982

Seller ID: Z0809433044Z3

ISBN: 0809433044

Condition: Good

Thunderstorms and airplanes

By: Collins, Richard L

Price: $5.25

Publisher: Delacorte Press/E. Friede: 1982

Seller ID: Z0440088771Z3

ISBN: 0440088771

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Good

Before Lift-off: The Making of a Space Shuttle Crew (New Series in NASA History)

By: Cooper Jr., Henry S.F.

Price: $6.50

Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press: 1987

Seller ID: Z0801835240Z3

ISBN: 0801835240

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Good

World Directory of Airline Crashes: A Comprehensive Record of More Than 10,000 Passenger Aircraft Accidents

By: Denham, Terry

Price: $14.24

Publisher: Haynes Pubns: 1996

Seller ID: Z1852605545ZN

ISBN: 1852605545

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: New

Commercial Pilot for Airplane Single- and Multi-Engine Land and Sea Practical Test Standards: #FAA-S-8081-12B (Practical Test Standards series)

By: Federal Aviation Administration

Price: $4.15

Publisher: Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc.: 2003

Seller ID: Z1560274646Z2

ISBN: 1560274646


Condition: Very Good

Unheeded Warning: The Inside Story of American Eagle Flight 4184

By: Fredrick, Stephen A.

Price: $6.61

Publisher: McGraw-Hill: 1996

Seller ID: Z0070219516Z2

ISBN: 0070219516

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Very Good


By: Hoffer, William; Hoffer, Marilyn Mona

Price: $4.35

Publisher: St Martins Pr: 1989

Seller ID: Z0312029195Z3

ISBN: 0312029195

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Good

I Touch the Future: The Story of Christa McAuliffe

By: Hohler, Robert T.

Price: $4.53

Publisher: Random House: 1986

Seller ID: Z0394557212Z4

ISBN: 0394557212

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Fair

Hovering: The History of the Whirly-Girls : International Women Helicopter Pilots

By: Holden, Henry M.

Price: $13.35

Publisher: Black Hawk Pub Co: 1994

Seller ID: Z187963094XZ5

ISBN: 187963094X

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Fine