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Cacti & Succulents for Modern Living

By: Anon

Price: $4.88

Publisher: Merchants Publishing Company: 1976

Seller ID: Z0894840037Z2

ISBN: 0894840037

Condition: Very Good

Parker on the Iroquois (New York State Studies (Syracuse Univ))

By: Arthur Caswell Parker

Price: $6.08

Publisher: Syracuse University Press: 1981

Seller ID: Z0815601158Z3

ISBN: 0815601158

Condition: Good

The Terrarium Book

By: Charles M. Evans; Roberta Lee Pliner

Price: $4.54

Publisher: Random House: 1973

Seller ID: Z0394709683Z3

ISBN: 0394709683

Condition: Good

Manual of the Trees of North America (exclusive of Mexico), Vol. 2

By: Charles Sprague Sargent

Price: $5.11

Publisher: Dover Publications: 1961

Seller ID: Z048620278XZ2

ISBN: 048620278X

Condition: Very Good

Grasses (New plant library)

By: Chatterton, Jo

Price: $5.23

Publisher: Anness: 1998

Seller ID: Z1859676359ZN

ISBN: 1859676359

Condition: New

Edible Flowers

By: Clifton, Claire

Price: $8.83

Publisher: McGraw-Hill: 1984

Seller ID: Z0070113882Z2

ISBN: 0070113882

Condition: Very Good


By: Fearnly-Whittingstall, Jane

Price: $5.30

Publisher: Random House: 1992

Seller ID: Z067941231XZ1

ISBN: 067941231X

Condition: Fine

Clematis for all Seasons

By: Feltwell, John

Price: $5.03

Publisher: Firefly Books: 1999

Seller ID: Z1552092836Z3

ISBN: 1552092836

Condition: Good

An Instant Guide to Edible Plants (Instant Guides)

By: Forey, Pamela; Fitzsimons, Cecilia

Price: $8.38

Publisher: Gramercy: 1989

Seller ID: Z0517662175Z2

ISBN: 0517662175

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Very Good

Nature's Revenge: The Secrets of Poison Ivy, Poison Oak, Poison Sumac, and Their Remedies

By: Hauser, Susan Carol

Price: $22.52

Publisher: Lyons Pr:

Seller ID: Z1558214496ZN

ISBN: 1558214496

Condition: New

Ginsengs: The Energy Herb

By: Hobbs, Christopher

Price: $5.30

Publisher: Interweave Press: 1996

Seller ID: Z1884360068Z1

ISBN: 1884360068

Condition: Fine

Saguaro: The Desert Giant

By: HUMPHREYS, ANNA; Lowell, Susan

Price: $5.22

Publisher: Rio Nuevo Publishers: 2002

Seller ID: Z1887896309Z2

ISBN: 1887896309

Condition: Very Good

Practical Botanist

By: Imes, Rick

Price: $4.68

Publisher: Fireside: 1991

Seller ID: Z0671693050Z3

ISBN: 0671693050

Condition: Good

Plants of Colonial Williamsburg: How to Identify 200 of Colonial America's Flowers, Herbs, and Trees

By: Joan Parry Dutton

Price: $8.70

Publisher: Colonial Williamsburg Foundation: 1979

Seller ID: Z0879350423ZN

ISBN: 0879350423

Condition: New

Image for Autumn Leaves: A Guide to the Fall Colors of the Northwoods (Northword Nature Guide Collection)

Autumn Leaves: A Guide to the Fall Colors of the Northwoods (Northword Nature Guide Collection)

By: Lanner, Ronald M.

Price: $29.94

Publisher: Northword Pr:

Seller ID: Z1559710780ZN

ISBN: 1559710780

Condition: New

West coast (South African wild flower guide) (No. 7)

By: Manning, John

Price: $9.67

Publisher: Botanical Society of South Africa: 1996

Seller ID: Z1874999112Z3

ISBN: 1874999112

Condition: Good

Winter Weed Finder: A Guide to Dry Plants in Winter (Nature Study Guides)

By: Miller, Dorcas S.

Price: $3.89

Publisher: Nature Study Guild Publishers: 1989

Seller ID: Z0912550171Z2

ISBN: 0912550171


Condition: Very Good

Seashore Plants of South Florida and the Caribbean: A Guide to Knowing and Growing Drought- And Salt-Tolerant Plants

By: Nellis, David W

Price: $6.36

Publisher: Pineapple Press: 1994

Seller ID: Z1561640565Z3

ISBN: 1561640565

Condition: Good

Groundcovers (Burpee American Gardening Series)

By: Roach, Margaret

Price: $4.93

Publisher: Prentice Hall General: 1993

Seller ID: Z0671846477Z2

ISBN: 0671846477

Condition: Very Good

The Great Book of Hemp: The Complete Guide to the Environmental, Commercial, and Medicinal Uses of the World's Most Extraordinary Plant

By: Robinson, Rowan

Price: $11.20

Publisher: Park Street Press: 1995

Seller ID: Z0892815418ZN

ISBN: 0892815418


Condition: New