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Encyclopedia of Disability and Rehabilitation

By: N/A

Price: $10.67

Publisher: Macmillan Library Reference: 1995

Seller ID: Z002897297XZ3

ISBN: 002897297X

Condition: Good

Image for The Horse, the Handicapped, and the Riding Team in a Therapeutic Riding Program: A Training Manual for Volunteers

The Horse, the Handicapped, and the Riding Team in a Therapeutic Riding Program: A Training Manual for Volunteers

By: Barbara T. Engel

Price: $52.04

Publisher: Barbara Engel Therapy Services: 2008

Seller ID: Z0963306510ZN

ISBN: 0963306510

Condition: New

The Complete Book of Water Healing

By: Buchman, Dian Dincin

Price: $4.74

Publisher: Instant Improvement, Inc.: 1994

Seller ID: Z0941683338Z4

ISBN: 0941683338

Condition: Fair

Sport Mechanics for Coaches - 2nd Edition

By: Carr, Gerry

Price: $4.93

Publisher: Human Kinetics: 2004

Seller ID: Z0736039724Z1

ISBN: 0736039724

Condition: Fine

Therapeutic Recreation: A Practical Approach

By: Carter, Marcia Jean; Robb, Gary M.; Van Andel, Glen E.

Price: $4.77

Publisher: Waveland Pr Inc: 2003

Seller ID: Z1577662199Z2

ISBN: 1577662199

Condition: Very Good

Pharmacology in Rehabilitation

By: Ciccone PhD PT, Charles D.

Price: $25.05

Publisher: F.A. Davis Company:

Seller ID: Z0803607792ZN

ISBN: 0803607792

Condition: New

Reading People: How to Understand People and Predict Their Behavior - Anytime, Anyplace

By: Dimitrius, Jo-Ellan

Price: $4.61

Publisher: Random House: 1998

Seller ID: Z0375501460Z4

ISBN: 0375501460

Condition: Fair

Manual Medicine Therapy (English and German Edition)

By: Dvorak, Jiri; Tritschler, Thomas

Price: $10.25

Publisher: Thieme Medical Pub: 1988

Seller ID: Z0865772665Z1

ISBN: 0865772665

Condition: Fine

Neuromechanical basis of kinesiology

By: Enoka, Roger M

Price: $5.86

Publisher: Human Kinetics Books: 1988

Seller ID: Z0873221796Z2

ISBN: 0873221796

Condition: Very Good

Pathophysiology of the Motor Systems: Principles and Clinical Presentations

By: Fredericks, Christopher M.; Saladin, Lisa K.

Price: $4.99

Publisher: F A Davis Co: 1996

Seller ID: Z0803600933Z1

ISBN: 0803600933

Condition: Fine

Up and Running: The Jami Goldman Story

By: Goldman, Jami; Cagan, Andrea

Price: $4.92

Publisher: Atria: 2001

Seller ID: Z0743424204Z1

ISBN: 0743424204

Condition: Fine

The Arthritis Book of Water Exercise

By: Jetter, Judy; Kadlec, Nancy

Price: $4.75

Publisher: Henry Holt & Co: 1985

Seller ID: Z0030707145Z4

ISBN: 0030707145

Condition: Fair

Job's Body: A Handbook for Bodywork

By: Juhan, Deane

Price: $10.62

Publisher: Barrytown Limited: 1998

Seller ID: Z1581770227ZN

ISBN: 1581770227


Condition: New


By: Kathryn; Hamilton, Nancy Luttgens

Price: $5.56

Publisher: McGraw-Hill College: 2002

Seller ID: Z007232919XZ2

ISBN: 007232919X

Condition: Very Good

Amputations and Prosthetics: A Case Study Approach

By: May EdD PT CEEAA FAPTA, Bella J.

Price: $5.20

Publisher: F.A. Davis Company: 2001

Seller ID: Z080360839XZ2

ISBN: 080360839X

Condition: Very Good

Essentials of Strength Training and Conditioning

By: NSCA -National Strength & Conditioning Association

Price: $26.10

Publisher: Human Kinetics: 2000

Seller ID: Z0736000895ZN

ISBN: 0736000895

Condition: New

Barbara Pearlman's Dance exercises

By: Pearlman, Barbara

Price: $6.57

Publisher: Dolphin Books: 1977

Seller ID: Z0385126654Z3

ISBN: 0385126654

Condition: Good

Plyometrics: Explosive Power Training

By: Radcliffe, James C.; Farentinos, Robert C.

Price: $5.20

Publisher: Human Kinetics: 1985

Seller ID: Z0873220242Z2

ISBN: 0873220242

Condition: Very Good

Brunnstrom's Movement Therapy in Hemiplegia: A Neurophysiological Approach

By: Sawner, Kathryn A.; Lavigne, Jeanne M.

Price: $7.87

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins: 1992

Seller ID: Z0397548087Z2

ISBN: 0397548087

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Very Good

Foundations of Aural Rehabilitation: Children, Adults, and Their Family Members, 2nd Ed.

By: Tye-Murray, Nancy

Price: $4.77

Publisher: Cengage Learning: 2004

Seller ID: Z0766863298Z2

ISBN: 0766863298

Condition: Very Good