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On What the Constitution Means

By: Barber, Professor Sotirios A.

Price: $6.75

Publisher: The Johns Hopkins University Press: 1986-02-01

Seller ID: 0801833442-3-20687199

ISBN: 0801833442

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used: Good

The Tides of Power: Conversations on the American Constitution

By: Bob Eckhardt; Charles L. Black

Price: $11.99

Publisher: Yale Univ Pr: 1976-04-01

Seller ID: 0300019742-3-19834316

ISBN: 0300019742

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Used: Good

Corwin and Peltason's Understanding the Constitution

By: Davis, Sue; Peltason, J. W.

Price: $6.47

Publisher: Cengage Learning: 2003-10-15

Seller ID: 0534614078-4-19579519

ISBN: 0534614078

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used: Acceptable

The Creation of the Constitution: Opposing Viewpoints (American History)

By: Dudley, William [Editor]; Leone, Bruno [Editor];

Price: $7.38

Publisher: Greenhaven Pr: 1994-09-01

Seller ID: 1565102207-4-19537829

ISBN: 1565102207

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used: Acceptable

Constitution of the United States: To Honor the Two-Hundredth Anniversary, Septmeber 17, 1987

By: Fink, Sam

Price: $29.98

Publisher: Random House: 1985-09-12

Seller ID: 0394543041-4-19833027

ISBN: 0394543041

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Used: Acceptable

Federalists and Antifederalists: The Debate Over the Ratification of the Constitution (Constitutional Heritage Series)

By: John P. Kaminski; Richard Leffler

Price: $17.13

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers: 1998-08-01

Seller ID: 0945612583-4-20783586

ISBN: 0945612583

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used: Acceptable

SPIRIT OF 1787: The Making of Our Constitution

By: Lomask, Milton

Price: $5.14

Publisher: Fawcett: 1987-03-12

Seller ID: 0449702626-4-19381899

ISBN: 0449702626

Binding: Mass Market Paperback

Condition: Used: Acceptable

The Contemporary Congress

By: Loomis, Burdett A.; Schiller, Wendy J.

Price: $6.57

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing: 2005-07-26

Seller ID: 0495004243-1-19727783

ISBN: 0495004243

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used: Like New

Understanding the Arizona Constitution

By: McClory, Toni

Price: $25.92

Publisher: University of Arizona Press: 2000-11-01

Seller ID: 0816520941-2-18359613

ISBN: 0816520941

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Used: Very Good

The Bill of Rights: A User's Guide

By: Monk, Linda R.

Price: $5.03

Publisher: Close Up Foundation: 2004-02-01

Seller ID: 1930810083-4-19794872

ISBN: 1930810083

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used: Acceptable

Roots of the Bill of Rights: An Illustrated Documentary History (Roots Bill of Rights 5v Ppr)

By: Schwartz, Bernard [Compiler]

Price: $42.21

Publisher: Chelsea House Pub: 1981-05-01

Seller ID: 0877542074-4-19326721

ISBN: 0877542074

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used: Acceptable

Familiar Exposition of the Constitution of the U.S.

By: Story, Joseph

Price: $24.92

Publisher: Regnery Publishing, Inc.: 1999-07-31

Seller ID: 0895267969-11-17512277

ISBN: 0895267969

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: New