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Essential Confucius

By: N/A

Price: $10.59

Publisher: Castle: 2000

Seller ID: Z0785809031ZN

ISBN: 0785809031

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: New

Life & Teaching of the Masters of the Far East, Vol. 5 (v. 5)

By: Baird T. Spalding

Price: $5.11

Publisher: DeVorss & Co: 1955

Seller ID: Z0875160883Z2

ISBN: 0875160883


Condition: Very Good

Alone with Others: An Existential Approach to Buddhism (Grove Press Eastern Philosophy and Literature)

By: Batchelor, Stephen

Price: $7.33

Publisher: Grove Press: 1994

Seller ID: Z0802151272Z3

ISBN: 0802151272


Condition: Good

Japanese Mind

By: Christopher, Robert

Price: $4.32

Publisher: Ballantine Books: 1984

Seller ID: Z0449901203Z4

ISBN: 0449901203

Condition: Fair

Analects: With Selections from Traditional Commentaries (Hackett Classics)

By: Confucius

Price: $9.23

Publisher: Hackett Publishing Company, Inc.: 2003

Seller ID: Z0872206351Z1

ISBN: 0872206351

Condition: Fine

Backward Down The Path: A New Approach to the Tao Te Ching

By: Dalton, Jerry O

Price: $6.89

Publisher: Humanics Publishing Group: 2015

Seller ID: Z0893342238Z3

ISBN: 0893342238


Condition: Good

The Tao of Sobriety: Helping You to Recover from Alcohol and Drug Addiction

By: David Gregson; Jay S. Efran

Price: $5.66

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin: 2002

Seller ID: Z0312242506Z1

ISBN: 0312242506


Condition: Fine

Image for The Wheel of Sharp Weapons

The Wheel of Sharp Weapons

By: Dharmarakshita

Price: $25.89

Publisher: Ltwa: 2007

Seller ID: Z8185102082Z3

ISBN: 8185102082

Condition: Good

The Tao of Inner Peace

By: Dreher, Diane

Price: $4.46

Publisher: Harper Perennial: 1991

Seller ID: Z0060973757Z4

ISBN: 0060973757


Condition: Fair

Great Eastern Sun

By: Gimian, Carolyn Rose

Price: $5.22

Publisher: Shambhala: 2000

Seller ID: Z1570622930Z3

ISBN: 1570622930

Condition: Good

Japanese Philosophy

By: H. Gene Blocker; Christopher L. Starling

Price: $16.78

Publisher: State University of New York Press: 2001

Seller ID: Z0791450201Z1

ISBN: 0791450201

Condition: Fine

Teachings of Rumi (The Masnavi): The Spiritual Couplets of Jalaludin Rumi

By: Jalal

Price: $10.10

Publisher: Ishk Book Service: 1994

Seller ID: Z0863040675Z1

ISBN: 0863040675


Condition: Fine

Oriental Philosophies (John M. MacEachran Memorial Lectures Series)

By: Koller, John

Price: $4.62

Publisher: Routledge: 1985

Seller ID: Z002365810XZ4

ISBN: 002365810X

Condition: Fair

The Psychological Attitude of Early Buddhist Philosophy and Its Systematic Representation According to Abhidhamma Tradition

By: Lama Anagarika Govinda

Price: $7.16

Publisher: Weiser: 1974

Seller ID: Z0877280657Z3

ISBN: 0877280657


Condition: Good

Tao Te Ching: The Classic Book of Integrity and the Way

By: Lao Tzu

Price: $4.92

Publisher: Bantam: 1990

Seller ID: Z055334935XZ2

ISBN: 055334935X


Condition: Very Good

Ch'an and Zen Teaching (3 Volumes)

By: Lu K'uan Yu

Price: $33.92

Publisher: Red Wheel / Weiser: 1993

Seller ID: Z0877287988Z3

ISBN: 0877287988

Condition: Good

Mencius (Penguin Classics)

By: Mencius

Price: $6.46

Publisher: Penguin Classics: 2005

Seller ID: Z014044971XZ3

ISBN: 014044971X

Condition: Good

The Way of Chuang Tzu (First Edition) (New Directions Paperbook)

By: Merton, Thomas

Price: $4.29

Publisher: New Directions: 1969

Seller ID: Z0811201031Z3

ISBN: 0811201031

Condition: Good

Exploring Karma & Rebirth

By: Nagapriya

Price: $8.27

Publisher: Windhorse Publications: 2004

Seller ID: Z1899579613Z2

ISBN: 1899579613

Condition: Very Good

Why God Permits Evil (Self-Realization Fellowship) (How-To-Live Series, 2)

By: Paramahansa Yogananda

Price: $5.66

Publisher: Self-Realization Fellowship: 2002

Seller ID: Z0876124619Z1

ISBN: 0876124619


Condition: Fine