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To Be Real: Telling the Truth and Changing the Face of Feminism

By: N/A

Price: $4.72

Publisher: Anchor: 1995

Seller ID: Z0385472625Z2

ISBN: 0385472625


Condition: Very Good

They Used to Call Me Snow White...but I Drifted: Women's Strategic Use of Humor

By: Barreca, Regina

Price: $14.23

Publisher: Penguin Books: 1992

Seller ID: Z0140168354ZN

ISBN: 0140168354


Condition: New


By: Brownmiller, Susan

Price: $4.73

Publisher: Simon & Schuster: 1984

Seller ID: Z0671246925Z4

ISBN: 0671246925

Condition: Fair

Reinventing Eve

By: Chernin, Kim

Price: $5.21

Publisher: Crown: 1987

Seller ID: Z0812913205Z2

ISBN: 0812913205

Condition: Very Good

Fragmented Women: Feminist (JSOT SUPPLEMENT SERIES)

By: Exum, J. Cheryl

Price: $27.89

Publisher: Trinity Pr Intl: 1993

Seller ID: Z1563380188ZN

ISBN: 1563380188

Condition: New

Domestic Tranquility: A Brief Against Feminism

By: Graglia, F. Carolyn

Price: $8.60

Publisher: Spence Pub: 1998

Seller ID: Z0965320863Z4

ISBN: 0965320863

Condition: Fair

A Lesser Life: The Myth of Women's Liberation in America

By: Hewlett, Sylvia Ann

Price: $4.94

Publisher: William Morrow & Co: 1986

Seller ID: Z0688048552Z3

ISBN: 0688048552

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Good

Staying Power: Reflections on Gender, Justice, and Compassion

By: Heyward, Carter

Price: $11.42

Publisher: Pilgrim Pr: 1995

Seller ID: Z0829810277ZN

ISBN: 0829810277

Condition: New

Faith and Feminism: A Holy Alliance

By: Hunt, Ph.D Helen LaKelly

Price: $10.60

Publisher: Atria: 2004

Seller ID: Z0743483723ZN

ISBN: 0743483723


Condition: New

What Women Want

By: Ireland, Patricia

Price: $15.09

Publisher: Dutton Adult: 1996

Seller ID: Z0525938575ZN

ISBN: 0525938575

Condition: New

Tales Of The Lavender Menace: A Memoir Of Liberation

By: Jay, Karla

Price: $8.35

Publisher: Basic Books: 1999

Seller ID: Z0465083641ZN

ISBN: 0465083641

Condition: New

Woman's almanac: 12 how-to handbooks in one

By: Kathryn Paulsen; Ryan A Kuhn

Price: $4.96

Publisher: Armitage Press: 1976

Seller ID: Z0397011385Z3

ISBN: 0397011385

Condition: Good

The F-Word: Feminism In Jeopardy - Women, Politics and the Future

By: Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner

Price: $4.29

Publisher: Seal Press: 2004

Seller ID: Z1580051146Z2

ISBN: 1580051146


Condition: Very Good

Feminist Fantasies

By: Phyllis Schlafly

Price: $43.89

Publisher: Spence Pub: 2003

Seller ID: Z1890626465Z5

ISBN: 1890626465

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Fine

The World Split Open: How the Modern Women's Movement Changed America, Revised Edition

By: Rosen, Ruth

Price: $5.14

Publisher: Penguin Books: 2006

Seller ID: Z0140097198Z3

ISBN: 0140097198


Condition: Good

Sexism and God-Talk: Toward a Feminist Theology

By: Ruether, Rosemary Radford

Price: $4.32

Publisher: Beacon Press: 1984

Seller ID: Z0807011053Z3

ISBN: 0807011053

Condition: Good

Woman the Hunter

By: Stange, Mary Zeiss

Price: $5.64

Publisher: Beacon Pr: 1997

Seller ID: Z0807046388Z2

ISBN: 0807046388

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Very Good

Moving Beyond Words

By: Steinem, Gloria

Price: $12.44

Publisher: Simon & Schuster: 1994

Seller ID: Z0671649728Z7

ISBN: 0671649728

Condition: Good

Fire with Fire: The New Female Power and How It Will Change the 21st Century

By: Wolf, Naomi

Price: $16.92

Publisher: Random House:

Seller ID: Z067942718XZN

ISBN: 067942718X

Condition: New

Fire with Fire: The New Female Power and How It Will Change the 21st Century

By: Wolf, Naomi

Price: $4.30

Publisher: Random House: 1993

Seller ID: Z067942718XZ4

ISBN: 067942718X

Condition: Fair